Renewable Energy: Solution for Africa Energy Needs!

Northern Africa Regional News

May, 2017 Edition

Egypt: EBRD Offers $458 Million In Loans For 750 Megawatts Of Solar Projects

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has offered more than $450 million ...

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Sudan: Africa’s Biggest Hydropower Plant to Supply Power to Sudan

Sudan will receive electricity from Ethiopia’s flagship dam via a transmission line once Africa’s biggest hydropower plant is complete

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Algeria: To invite bids for 4GW solar tender

Algeria plans to invite bids for 4GW of solar, according to a statement by energy minister Noureddine Boutarfas...

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Renewable Energy Leaders From Middle East and North Africa Meet to Drive Industry Forwards

Award-winning annual renewable energy conference from New Energy Update...

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Tunisia: To invest US $1 billion in renewable energy projects

The Tunisian government has just announced it plans to invest US $1 billion towards renewable energy projects...

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Morocco: Capitalises on early lead in renewables

Nation’s expertise in local solar and wind technology counts in sub-Saharan market

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"At UN Environment, we have a unique position and opportunity to bring together governments, businesses, scientists, civil society and the public. We can inspire, influence behaviour and policy, and help shape the way forward with good science and knowledgeable experts. But while we have great science, we need to translate that science into a language that everybody can relate to. For example, pollution is one of the main causes of death in the modern world – and by helping improve air quality we can also have a big impact on climate change. In other words, we have to better connect with people so that they can act, and encourage their governments to act. " Erik Solheim, UN Environment Executive Director